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Type the name of the instrumental you are looking for in the search bar. If you are looking for a new instrumental, you can narrow down your search results by typing the "Type Beat" or tag that you would like (For example: "Lil Durk", "Lil Baby", "Spotemgottem", etc.)

Lease Explanation


- MP3 File

- LIMITED to 100,000 streams

- LIMITED to 10,000 distribution copies

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- WAV (Higher Quality) and MP3 file

- LIMITED to 200,000 streams

- LIMITED to 20,000 distribution copies

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- Track Stems (full customization of the beat)

- WAV (Higher Quality) and MP3 file

- LIMITED to 300,000 streams

- LIMITED to 30,000 distribution copies

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Unlimited Pro

- Track Stems (Full customatzation of the beat)

- WAV file (Higher Quality)

- UNLIMITED streams

- UNLIMITED distribution copies

- UNLIMITED radio stations, performances, music videos, and broadcasting rights

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